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Nov 2017 ~ Sooke...

Nov 2016 ~ We've lost a legend.
~ Miss ya Chili.

Nov 2016 ~ Did this observational sketch of my current studio for the winter issue of MountainLife, Thanks to Feet Banks for gettin' me a feature!:

Aug 2016 ~ A quick and ugly sketch of a really cool old truck... need to head back when I have time and do up a proper sketch:

July 2016 ~ Starting to work on a couple small paintings, just stuff from the sketchbook...

July 2016 ~ Interesting lawn decoration in these here parts:

June 2016 ~ Plenty of old rusting logging equipment to get things goin' :::

~ Found this creature while slogging around Sooke with Feet, Hank and Fox:::

~ Old tractor swallowed by blackberry vines:::

~ Some signs from around Vancouver:::

~ Smooth roads ahead :::

~ Loved the look of this old doorway :::